Celebrating SIOP's Young Investigator Network !

The SIOP Young Investigator NETwork (SIOP-YI-NET) represents the interests of young investigators in the field of paediatric oncology. SIOP-YI-NET provides a platform for young investigators to develop research and scientific skills, and facilitates an international research network with other young investigators in paediatric oncology.

It is a large team of very motivated YIs, from all over the world, from all backgrounds that work all year round to promote learning, training, advocacy and collaboration for our group.

Learn more about the board members here: https://siop-online.org/young-investigators/

Learn more about our amazing committee members here: https://siop-online.org/yi-net-committees/

Feel like joining us as a committee member? Send us an e-mail at young.siop@gmail.com

Take care all. Please follow us on our Twitter @SIOPYI_Network 
- that's where you'll find all the latest pediatric oncology related, #COVID19 or other!