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How have you been supporting your OWN mental health as a pediatric oncology health care provider, throughout this pandemic? Part 1/2

 In late April 2021, we informally discussed within our social media group how we were coping with COVID-19 and what resources we had available to us to support our mental health. We realized this could be great testimonies to share on the blog and a good conversation starter. Please get in touch with us if you want to tell us your OWN story! Dora Correia, radiation oncologist from Boston, USA - May 2021 "After an amazing response to the COVID-19 surge (that I tried to capture here ), Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH)/Mass General Brigham (MGB), in Boston, the U.S.A, aware of the importance of self-care during this challenging time, assembled several resources to tackle the expected wave of mental health issues.  As an example, the Center for Faculty Development Office for Well-Being provides useful initiatives to promote self-care, increase resilience, and create a positive work culture, by working in collaboration with other programs across MGB including, but not limited to,

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Childhood Cancer International's President tells us about the impact of COVID-19 on the perception of access to paediatric cancer care