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Doing a Postdoc abroad: From Brazil to the US – part 1

Doing a Postdoc abroad: From Brazil to the US – part 1
by Francianne Andrade

Hi readers! When are you planning to stop your studies? Well, if you are reading this post, I imagine you would say: “never”! We always have something to learn and being engaged in science requires a passion for what you are working on. If you are seeking to improve your career in academia, doing a postdoc is a great option. My name is Francianne Andrade, I am a Biomedical Scientist from Brazil with MSc and PhD in Oncology. This is the first of two posts about a career of a Young Investigator. After 10 years of my professional development, I decided to move forward as a postdoc. You might ask yourself if 10 years did not suffice. To answer this question, I am going to share with you the 5-Ws that got me here (you might fit in the same situation):
What? You have completed the highest degree of education and figured out that you want to learn a new skill, technique, or method to achieve your professional goal. You c…

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